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担当者 kusuda  登録日時 2009-4-13 15:10 (6581 ヒット)

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1 Corinthians Bible Study Conference

DATE: March 5th - 7th, 2010 (Friday - Sunday)
PLACE: Megumi Chalet Karuizawa
Tel.0267-42-2302 Fax.0267-42-4113

Special Speaker:Dr. John Ridgway
Prior to the conference, participants are encouraged to prepare the Bible Study to make the most of the time.

Contact us for the details or the Bible Study materials

開始時間 16時00分
定員数 120人 (予約数 3人)
予約締切時間 2010-3-5 15:00

[b]For the Conference attendants

a.Come well prepared. This will greatly enrich our discussions together.

b.During this next year, if you produce any one page summaries, please submit to the rest of the staff. This will give us a wonderful resource folder.

c.We are purposely holding these three days from Friday to Sunday so that a few key laymen and laywomen can also join us. If you know of someone you would like to include in this study, please talk to Kusuda-san.

d.This one year study is optional and any staff that feel this particular study is not useful for them at this time, are not obliged in any way.

e.If any person feels overwhelmed by this study, don’t worry. Just prepare what you feel you can do and this is very acceptable. We are all learners and there are no experts.

f.Together we are praying that the Lord will reveal His mind and heart to us so that we “may be thoroughly equipped for every good work” as we take the Good News of the Kingdom to the mainstreams of the Japanese society and then to the nations of the world.

John Ridgway   March 2009




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