Greeting from our Director

Hello, I'm Takahisa Kusuda, the National Director for Japan Navigators. I would like to welcome you to our web-site. We will be celebrating soon our 60th anniversary in Japan. Looking back on our history in Japan, we have found that by living out the principles of the Gospel, our lives have been enriched, we have established healthy connections with others, and our circles of relationships have gone even beyond boarders (borders) of nations and cultures. It's been an exciting time.

But at the same time, Japan as a whole faces many problems. There is an expanding gap in the standard of living. We thought we had been experiencing more abundant lives materially, but our hearts are more occupied by money more than ever and we feel poor in our hearts.

Families have become broken. Our younger generation is suffering and experiencing a national epidemic of "society withdrawl syndrome" (Hikikomori). School bullying leads to extortion and suicide. Not only this, but most waste their university days when they are meant to have be a rich experience of meeting life-time friends and spending time discussing their dreams and the meaning of their lives. People are thirsty and are in need of being healed. We believe that today we need a kind of lifestyle that the gospel offers more than any other time in human history.

We pray together with our supporters that this lifestyle of the Gospel will come to be known to many in our country.

Japan Navigators National Director
Takahisa Kusuda


    OCC 402 Kanda Surugadai
    Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku
    〒101-0062 Japan

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